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The features below provide product updates and shows Calogic LLC making news locally and globally. Peruse some of the pieces below to find out more about the company and its' accomplishments.

May 14, 2011

(Fremont, CA)-Calogicís New Addition: Dry Boxes
Customer satisfaction is a priority at Calogic, and in order to guarantee the highest quality of its products, Calogic has recently purchased new dry boxes from Mancorp. Calogic offers many lead free materials; however, the natural environment harms and degrades these products. In order to combat this problem, Calogic now stores all of its lead free components in airtight storage containers known as dry boxes . These carbon steel structures effectively control and monitor humidity levels to ensure the duration and reliability of the quality product customers expect from Calogic. These dry boxes replace our nitrogen purged cabinets, which lowers our storage costs, as well as our RH storage capabilities to less than 2%.

January 1, 2011

(Fremont, CA)-All Calogic Products Receive REACH Certification
Calogic is proud to announce that all of its products are in accordance with the requirements of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals). REACH is a European Union Regulation that monitors chemical substances that cause harm to the environment and human health. First implemented in June 2007, REACH ensures that imported products do not contain harmful chemicals. The legislation regulates these substances by requiring all suppliers to register chemicals and products with chemicals they intend to market in the Union. The European Chemicals Agency then reviews the registration and can ban products with dangerous substances. Calogic abides by this rule, and all of its parts have been approved as complying with the standards of REACH. Calogic is proud of this achievement and continues its efforts to serve of our customers in the safest manner.

A Certificate of REACH Compliance issued by the European Chemicals Agency is available for all Calogic components. View Certificate - PDF 72k

May 30, 2009

(Fremont, CA)-Calogic Launches New Website
Calogic partnered with the web design firm Birdsall Interactive to redesign the company website. The well designed website offers many new features to site visitors. Calogic's distributors are now just a click away. Visitors can now find information on Calogic's history and mission, as well as the latest company news. Product spotlights are seen on the site's homepage to highlight some of Calogic's more popular devices. Questions and comments? Visit the Contact Us page for assistance. The new website also offers information on Calogic's ISO Certification and ROHS Compliance.

March 21, 2010

(Fremont, CA)-Calogic Renews and Updates to ISO
9001:2008 Certification

In a continuing effort to provide complete customer satisfaction, Calogic LLC has updated to ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the effectiveness of our organization. Calogic pursues the guiding principal of the ISO system, which is continual improvement. By always monitoring our system, it allows us to improve our policies and objectives to respond to the needs and expectations of our customers.

April 7, 2008

(Fremont, CA)-Calogic Renews ISO 9001:2000 Certification
Through 2010

Calogic recently received a 3-year renewal for its ISO 9001:2000 certification. As a first-rate manufacturer Calogic is proud to be ISO 9001 certified as they take great care in achieving customer satisfaction with reliable products that meet consumer expectations. Being ISO 9001 certified has allowed Calogic to become a more efficient, effective company, and increase customer satisfaction and retention. More information regarding Calogic's ISO 9001:2000 certification can be found on the website.

July 19, 2007

(Fremont, CA)-Calogic Purchases Six Electroglas EG2001X Wafer Mapping Systems
In order to increase efficiency and wafer sort output, Calogic has purchased six Electroglas EG2001X probers with wafer mapping capability. These units allow Calogic to sort multiple devices on each wafer. Each unit automatically loads and unloads each wafer to ensure wafer sorting 24 hours per day. Calogic is now able to offer more

January 1, 2006

(Fremont, CA)-Calogic Now Offers ROHS Compliant Parts
In response to the directive set forth by the European Union, Calogic has made their entire product line available as ROHS compliant parts. The ROHS Directive restricts the use of lead, cadmium, and mercury, among others, above their agreed upon levels in the manufacturing of new electrical and electronic equipment. Calogic will offer their units in their Standard, as well as the ROHS compliant, options. To denote a ROHS compliant part number, a "—LF" will accompany the standard part number. Many of Calogic's products, such as those packaged in metal cans, are "born" ROHS Compliant and do not require the additional nomenclature.

A product's certificate of ROHS compliance is available upon request.

April 5, 2001

(Fremont, CA)- Calogic Purchases FAB from Sipex Corp
Calogic, LLC today announced the purchase of the Fremont, CA, Fab from Sipex Corporation effective Friday, March 30, 2001.

"We are pleased to complete the acquisition of this FAB, drawing on the experienced workforce and equipment already in place," said Jonathan Kaye, President of Calogic, LLC, "Calogic products have an excellent reputation in the market, our objective will be to continue to provide quality products with outstanding customer service and to make available, once again, all of the Calogic products to serve the marketplace".

Calogic, LLC, a privately held company, designs and manufacturers buffers, amplifiers, small signal lateral and vertical DMOS, JFET's, MOSFETS and has full custom capabilities.